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The Bodily Form of the Holy Spirit

As I have explained in previous posts already, the Holy Spirit is a divine Person.  He is the third Person of the triune Godhead.  I have also shown that the heavenly Father has a "bodily" form.  But does the Holy Spirit also have a bodily form?  Let's find out from Scripture.

In Luke's gospel, he records what happened at the water baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ.  "Now when all the people were baptized, Jesus was also baptized, and while He was praying, heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came out of heaven, 'You are My beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased.'"  (Luk 3:21-22)

Here we learn that the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in bodily form.  The Greek word for “form” is “eidos” meaning “1) the external or outward appearance, form figure, shape; 2) form, kind” (Thayer).  The word "bodily" comes from the Greek word "somatikos" meaning "1) corporeal, bodily 1a) having a bodily form or nature 1b) pertaining to the body" (Thayer).  The Spirit of God can appear or manifest Himself in a bodily form, figure, or outward appearance.

This bodily form was visible to Jesus and to certain others that were present.  If He had not been visible, then it would not have been recorded, because nobody would have known about it.  I know it is difficult for some people to understand how the invisible Spirit of God could become visible.  Yet John testified saying, "I have seen the Spirit descending as a dove out of heaven, and He remained upon Him. I did not recognize Him, but He who sent me to baptize in water said to me, 'He upon whom you see the Spirit descending and remaining upon Him, this is the One who baptizes in the Holy Spirit.'" (Joh 1:32-33).  John testified that he had seen the Spirit.

So we know that the Holy Spirit appeared and made Himself visible, as He descended from heaven upon Jesus Christ.  But what was His bodily form like? We could assume it was like a dove, since the Scripture says, "the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove." (Lk 3:22a).

However, I do not believe the Holy Spirit is limited to looking like a dove any more than Jesus is limited to looking like an actual lamb.  As humans, here in the natural realm we place great emphasis on outward appearance, and we typically recognize people primarily by how they look. But in the spirit realm, we are known primarily by our inward character, while the outward appearance is a secondary way to recognize someone. The Lord and the Holy Spirit, as well as the holy angels, and even the devil and his demons, can appear in various forms. They are not limited to only one, single form.

For example, when the Lord appeared after His resurrection to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, the Scripture says He "appeared in a different form" to them (Mk 16:12). Later the apostle John saw Him as "a Lamb, looking as if it had been slain" standing at the center of the throne in heaven (Rev 5:6). Or for example, on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit appeared as tongues of fire that separated and came to rest over each disciple present (Ac 2:3). He also appeared as seven lamps blazing before the throne of God in the revelation given to the apostle John (Rev 4:5). Likewise, the angels can appear as men, so that some have even entertained angels without knowing it (Heb 13:2). Similarly the devil can appear as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:4), a serpent (Gen 3:1; Rev 12:9,15), and a red dragon (Rev 12:3,7,13,17).

Having cited those examples of various forms, and their changeable nature, let's return now to considering the passage of Scripture about the Spirit's descent upon Jesus at His baptism. When it says the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus "as a dove," this expression helps us understand not only the nature of his appearance (His form), but also the manner of his descent. Matthew records it like this in his gospel.  He states: "After being baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove and lighting on Him, and behold, a voice out of the heavens said, 'This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.'" (Mat 3:16-17) 

How does a dove descend?  It descends differently than other birds.  Perhaps we could say it hovers, floats downward, rather than swooping down to kill its prey as a an eagle, or circling overhead like a vulture, or flitting about recklessly like a bat.  I believe there was a smooth, steady, deliberate, innocent, pure, and harmless manner in which the Holy Spirit descended on our Lord that can only be compared to the beauty of a white dove descending. Matthew says, "descending as a dove and lighting on Him," indicating that the Holy Spirit came to rest and remain upon Him in the same manner as a bird would light upon Him or land on Him.

Therefore, I believe the use of the dove simile in this passage of Scripture describes the manner of His descent, and it may also describe the bodily form of the Holy Spirit in that particular instance, but I do not believe the Holy Spirit is limited to the bodily form of a dove. He can take on many other various forms. So in light of that, do you think He could appear in the likeness of human form? If so, you would need to have Scriptural support for that viewpoint. So where would we look in Scripture to find the answer?

As I mentioned in my blog, The Bodily Form of God the Father, God has a bodily form in whose likeness we humans are made.  He has a head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms, hands, fingers, feet, sandals, and a robe.  Of course we know that the Word of God became flesh and took on the likeness of men (Phil 2:7-8).  And even now that He has ascended into heaven, the Lord still has His glorified body of flesh and bone.  Therefore, it is quite reasonable to assume that the Holy Spirit may appear in a bodily form resembling the heavenly Father and Jesus.  That would mean He also has a head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms, hands, fingers, feet, etc.  I believe it is possible He may have come in a bodily shape like this at the baptism of Jesus, in order to reveal His Personal nature and substance.
If you have always believed -- as most Christians do -- that the Holy Spirit descended in the bodily form of a dove with two eyes, wings, bird feet, and a beak, that’s fine.  I believe He can appear in that form, if He so wills. But if you could believe that, why is it so difficult to believe He could have a bodily form in the likeness of the heavenly Father and of Jesus? Perhaps when He descended on the Lord Jesus at His baptism, both the manner of His descent and His bodily form resembled that of a dove, and yet at the same time He may have had features similar to a human, such as His beautiful face and His all-powerful hands.

Personal Testimonies About the Holy Spirit
Such a notion as I have just described may come as a surprise to you, and seem rather incredible, so I would like to share the testimonies of four people who have seen the Holy Spirit.

Prema Pelletier
The first person is a sister, named Prema Pelletier, who testified that the Holy Spirit visited her in her home.  She described it this way:

"I was suddenly put into a very deep sleep, in a trance-like state. This is what I saw and experienced. I saw myself sitting on the couch in our living room. The couch was facing the door to the balcony. Coming from the direction of the balcony was the most awesome Person. The Person of God the Holy Spirit! Walking behind the Spirit of the Living God was an angel, not more than four feet tall. God the Holy Spirit came directly towards me. As He slowly walked to me, His head held high, His shoulders thrust out, all Majesty, Authority and Power, the thought was imparted to my spirit, 'This is God the Holy Ghost!' Because the Lord Jesus has appeared to me over twenty-one times, one of the first things I remember thinking was that the Holy Spirit looks so much like the Lord Jesus. He looks like His Twin! But, I seemed to also notice the difference between Them. In the visions granted to me of our Lord Jesus, His hair is down close to His shoulders. The Holy Spirit's hair was not down, but sticking out with power. Thinking about His hair afterwards, it reminded me of someone sticking his finger in a live electrical outlet."

"This Mighty Holy Spirit, this very beautiful Third Person of the Godhead, strode toward me and I stood up. The Spirit of God stood about fifteen inches in front of me. I looked into the very penetrating, deep, serious, serene and very holy eyes of God the Holy Ghost, and I felt I was looking into Eternity! At that moment, I found myself looking down on the carpet where I was standing. I trembled in the Presence of this Holy One with an awesome reverence. As this Holy Wonder of the Lord stood before me, I put out both my hands before Him, palms facing upwards, and I spoke these words, 'Would You please pray that Jesus would always keep me?' When I spoke these words, God's Holy Spirit placed both His Palms on my palms. I felt the sensation of electricity surging through my entire body."

"Next, with His eyes still staring into my very soul, the Spirit of God began to rub my palms with His Palms, one at a time. He slowly rubbed one palm after the other, in a striding type of way. By this time, my eyes were staring at both His Hands. I believe the Lord's Holy Spirit rubbed my palms about eight times. As He did so, I was amazed to see Oil gushing out of the middle of His Palms over mine! The Oil which flowed freely from the Holy Spirit's Palms was bearably hot, and as it overflowed my palms, it went to the back of my hands. As I stood there before the Lord, I found myself rubbing my hands with the Oil still overflowing and dripping on the carpet. I found myself saying these words, 'These hands shall be laid on the sick and they shall recover.' With that, God the Holy Spirit and the angel both turned and walked back the way they came."

So she actually saw the Holy Spirit in bodily form and she said He looks like Jesus!  This confirms what we understand from the Scriptures that the Holy Spirit, Who is present everywhere in the temple of the Body of Christ on earth, does have a bodily form like the Father, not like a dove.

Angelica Zambrano
Another sister named Angelica Zambrano, is a young lady from Ecuador, who also saw the Holy Spirit.  She states: "I also started to see the Holy Spirit; He is my best friend; He is Holy, He is omniscient; He is omnipresent! I could see Him, transparent and brilliant at the same time; with a brilliant countenance, I could see His smile and His loving gaze! I can hardly describe Him, because He is more beautiful than angels. The angels have their own beauty, but the Holy Spirit is far more beautiful than they are! I could hear His audible voice, a voice full of love, a passionate voice. I just can't explain His voice; a voice like lightening, yet at the same time He would say, 'I am with you.' so I would strive to continue walking with God, even as trials surrounded us. We were going through very difficult moments, but victorious ones at the same time. I said, 'Lord, let Your will be done.'"

Danny Hahlbohm
The third testimony I would like to share from someone who saw the Holy Spirit comes from brother Danny Hahlbohm, the artist who painted the two pictures featured in this blog. When he read this blog, he commented, "I think it is very important, especially in these last days, that we the church and children of God know who the Holy Spirit is. Even myself, being a Christian for over forty years, only became fully aware that the Holy Spirit is not just a 'mist' or a ghost, but an actual person. I have seen Him too and He is glorious and beautiful."

So I asked him to tell me in more detail what he saw, and he replied: "Yes, one day while I was in my God Room the Lord gave me a vision (or perhaps peek) at the Holy Spirit.  What I saw was the Holy Spirit descending down in slow motion, almost like I would envision took place when he descended upon Christ at His baptism. In the vision the Holy Spirit descended down from the right hand corner to the lower left hand corner. The robe he was wearing was the purest white, and was loose fitting, so it fluttered behind Him as He descended, giving the appearance of wings behind Him almost."

"I did see His face which also shone brightly, but could not make out any real definitive details, except He did have the appearance of a Man. I do not recall the length of his hair. I do not even recall seeing hair at all, which may have been because it was white like the robe itself, and that is why I don't remember seeing it."

"Personally, I think the reason why God may have shown me this vision was to point out why the Bible said the Holy spirit descended LIKE a dove on Jesus, and is NOT a dove. It was beautiful to watch. I tried to depict it as best I could in the painting you used in this message, but of course anything man-made, like paintings or statues could never come close to depicting the glory of God."

Claire Andoun Atongo
Now for the fourth testimony I would like to share. On May 12, 2017, I read the following testimony of my dear friend, sister Claire Andoun Atongo Solomon, regarding a vision she had of the Holy Spirit while praying recently, just a little over two weeks before she passed from this life and went to be with the Lord. She wrote on her Facebook page on April 22, 2017 at 9:48 AM:

"After my Husband and I have finished to pray around 3 AM, we all slept off. I was privileged to see how the Holy Spirit guides us and how the Lord's angels protect us.

I was with my family on air in the cloud surrounded by Mighty Angels going for evangelism in a dangerous country. We were giving by God an assignment to go and deliver the Christians prisoners held captives by terrorists.

In the air were surrounded by Mighty Angels, 1-By our both sides, 2 - another sets of Angels following us at the back. Wow!

I remembered my daughter Nana was sleeping. I wanted to wake her, but one of our angels replied, "No, no. Leave her to rest. She is tired." He was so gentle. What amazed me is how Nana was moving with us even at sleep. This means even God understand when we are tired but in the Spirit the battle continues.

We were all INVISIBLE to the camp of the enemy. We see them and they can't see us. We will get into these terrorist camps and free all the Christians held captives there. And suddenly these Christians will also join us to fight the enemy. We were more than conquerors. Nothing can touch us.

But there is Someone I want to describe to all of us. THE HOLY SPIRIT. Oooo, He is So beautiful! He will be the One to lead us. He will be in front a bit far [i.e., a little farther ahead of us] to check the area. Once its safe, we will follow His direction.

How He looked like? The Holy Spirit in this vision looked like a BIG and HUGE DOVE, pure white. His wings are so beautiful! He moves them like waves of waters. The HOLY SPIRIT. You can see Him, but you can't touch Him. I was privileged to see His beautiful face like a human being, [yet] at the same time like the dove -- Difficult to describe.

With Him we were all secured -- we and the angels. I was given a new Shoe while we were on [the] air flying. One of the Angels said, "Make sure these shoes remain on your legs, so that you will always be invisible before the enemy when going for battle."

When I woke up, all the pains in my body had disappeared.  To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

Evangelist Claire Andoun Solomon"

Scriptural Basis
One further Scripture I would like to add is from a psalm that speaks about God's Dove.  In Psalm 68, the Lord makes an announcement, in which He says in part, "Even while you sleep among the campfires, the wings of My Dove are sheathed with silver, its feathers with shining gold.” (Ps 68:13). 

This psalm is about how God protects us from death, and I believe this verse is about how the Holy Spirit, God's Dove, is always keeping watch over us to protect us.  He shines brightly with the glorious splendor of silver and gold.  Even while we sleep, He does not.  "Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep." (Ps 121:4).

His appearance is brilliant, even in the dark of night, as He constantly monitors all the events on earth.  If He detects that the demons are mounting an attack on His chosen ones, He arises and dispatches His mighty angels with their tens of thousands, and thousands of thousands of chariots, which go forth with lightning speed to scatter our enemies (see Ps 68:1-2, 12, 14, 17).

Putting it All Together
As you can see, the Holy Spirit is a divine Person, Who can make Himself visible.  He is not a bird.  He is far more beautiful than any angel, transparent and brilliant.  He is glorious and beautiful.  He has a head, hair, a brightly shining face, eyes, a mouth that speaks with a passionate voice like lightning, shoulders, and hands.  He has a robe of the purest white.  He resembles Jesus Christ, the Son of God, because they are One God. He can also appear in many other lovely forms as He wills.

He has been sent to the Church to live in us and teach us.  His presence is just as real to us as the presence of the Lord Jesus when He walked with His disciples on earth.  He is God, so you should love Him and worship Him. If you are a disciple of Christ and have never received the Holy Spirit, then you should pray and ask for the gift of Him.  It is called the baptism with the Holy Spirit, which you need to live a holy life for the Lord and be a powerful witness for Christ.

Attribution notice: Most Scripture quotations taken from the NASB. Most other Scriptures taken from The Holy Bible, New International Version® NIV®, unless otherwise noted. The "Holy Spirit" and "Baptism" paintings © 2012 Danny Hahlbohm, all rights reserved by the artist.

Author's note Please prayerfully review Prema Pelletier's testimony and Angelica Zambrano Hell and Heaven in their entirety, and use the Testimony Review Process adopted by this blog, as you decide for yourself whether the Lord has spoken to them. Also see the following posts:

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“Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of God, and saying, ‘The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.’” (Mar 1:14b-15).  He preached that we must repent and believe.

Please see my explanation of this in my post called "Do You Want to Know Jesus?"

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  2. If He can manifest himself as an Angel of light, He can for sure manifest himself as a radiant dove of light of gigantic proportions. His brain/mind is like the sun giving us light and life on all His creatures, the rest of His body and wings dwarfs the sun because He is greater. He manifest himself as God wishes as He did when He descended on Christ. All He does is point to Christ in everything He does. Only thru God and thanks to Him, I have seen Him manifest himself in various ways. I have seen Jesus with the crown of thorns followed by a manifestation of a multitude of lights, about 8 years ago, sounds crazy but He is well and alive. During that same time He healed my mom who had a swollen stomach and He gave Her a new stomach. Jesus is sooo great. Believe first and you shall see, or hear, or feel, or perceive.
    A servant of Christ.

    1. Dear servant of Christ, thanks for reading and commenting. At first, I was unclear what you meant when you said, "He can manifest himself as an Angel of light." Were you referring to a particular passage of Scripture on that one? I am not familiar with the Holy Spirit appearing as an Angel of Light. Len

  3. When I was about 9 years old, I too saw the Holy Spirit. I think Holy Ghost is a better name for him. I was sitting in church waiting for Pastor Mayhabb to come out and start service. The moment before I saw our Pastor open the door; I, who was alert and awake saw a gostly like entity come out before home. The Holy Spirit passes through the door. It reminded me of heavy white smoke but I knew it was not smoke. It was in the shape of a man. His robes flared out behind him as he moved and vanished. I had no fear. I knew who it was without question. I remember grabbing my Dads sleeve and excitedly asking him if he saw him too. My Dad looked at me funny and asked me what I saw. I told him and he got real quiet and smiled. He belived me. I have also seen the Devil. I was asleep when he came inside my home. It was so real. I was terrifed. He stood in the kitchen staring at me as I laid there sleeping on the couch. It was like my spirit had left my body and it stood by my sleeping body. My husband and children where in the next room. He had black hair and dark skin. He looked like he'd been in his clothes for days. He had on black slacks a white collard shirt. A silver watch on his left hand. He was not ugly though he wore a mask. One of those clear mask. I could not see his true face. He radiated evil. He said he was going to take everything I loved away from me. I looked over to the room I knew my family was in and even though I was terrifed I stood there in rage and screamed at him. NO I reapeted over and over. It wasnt long before God sent SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL to ring the front door bell and wake me up. It has been two years since that happened and all I can say is the Devil is real and I have suffered and lost so much. I still have my kids and husband but the rest of my family is gone. My Mom and Dad died. My brother is lost to Heroin. My other brother has become crazy and homeless. My 18 year marriage to my childhood sweetheart is in tatters. Divorce seems looming. I feel broken. I wonder how my life will go on....

    1. Dear Stacy, thank you for sharing your testimony. You're going through some fiery suffering. We're going to pray for you. Please stand firm in your faith, trusting in God. Is your husband a Christian? If so, would he consider reading the following articles of mine?

      I hope he does. Let me know how it turns out. I am not blaming you for anything, but just be sure you have closed all doors to the enemy in your life and that you are not giving him a right to steal from you. See the following articles for some tips:
      Let us know how it turns out.

  4. I Have often wondered about this subject because I saw the Holy Spirit in church years ago. I was singing in front of the congregation and saw something moving through the isles that was almost invisible. As it passed by people they were breaking out in tears. I often wondered if I had dreamed this up asking my wife if she remembers me telling her about it. At the time I don't think I realized what I saw till later on in life. I believe this the one thing that brought me back to Christ. I just pray that one day God will allow me to see this again. I think it would be hilarious because I might do cart wheels around the church.

  5. I seen a Spirit in my kitchen about 2hour ago And it can in my Hall way near the kitchen Just gave me chills who is this I ask?

    1. So when you asked who it was, what did it answer? Since you saw it, you are the one who needs to test that spirit to see whether it is from God or satan. Some different ways to test are: 1) Cry out, "Lord Jesus!", 2) Shout, "the blood of Jesus!" 3) In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you and command you to leave me now. If it vanishes when you do any of these, then it is not of God. It is evil.

      "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God..." (1 Jn 4:1a). Also see 1 Jn 4:3 as well.

  6. The accountings you give seem very good according to scripture because I remember Revelation said that one sat on the throne has a book in his hand. In order to hold a book, you must have hands/arms...and if you can sit on a throne, you must have a form, well you get my drift. He must resemble humans. Can you tell me, who is it that is high and lifted up with his robe filling the temple in Isaiah 6? Is that Father God? Who did Moses see the back parts of? Father God, Lord Jesus or Holy Spirit?. I have heard the Holy Spirit's voice inside me speak with power! I was battling schozophrenia at it's worse. I am much better now. I didnt know at the time that the demons were outside of me. I was not fellowshipping with God as I should have. His voice was unbelievable. It was as the voice of many waters,and radiated down through my entire being. It was magnificent! I had been battling demon voices and things were dark, and because it was so dark, i thought He had left me. He spoke to me to let me know He was still inside of me. WHERE AM I? is what He said. His voice was full of wonder 3 simple words, but it shook me to the core.

    1. Sister Lynn, thanks for reading & commenting. You are right except for the fact that it is we who are made in HIS image, and not that he resembles humans. We are made in His image.

      Thanks for sharing your testimony, too. As for Is 6, in my opinion, that is the heavenly Father, because it seems to be the same as what the apostle John saw in Rev 4.

      The Lord bless you!

  7. hi. honestly.. I saw the face of Holy Spirit. and hear his VOICE.. HE SAID JESUS IS THE MOST HIGH

  8. I already seen the holy spirit face to face.. i still remember is hair, I cant see his ears. because his ear is covered with his hair.. not long hair.. chin line..

    1. Hallelujah I am a Christian converted born again Christian hallelujah I am ex Muslim

    2. Hallelujah indeed. I would like to know more about your testimony how you came to Christ. Please send me an email through the contact button at the bottom right corner of the About Us page on our website I don't post my email here bc bots would then use it to send me spam. Looking forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, please consider this. I would like to invite you to consider enrolling in our free, three-year discipleship training school (DTS). All the info about that is at God bless you.

    3. As a Faithful Catholic
      I have seen the Holy Spirit in
      Bodily form.
      Face as white as snow,neck
      Shoulders,arms and hands.
      Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
      Pentecost came my way after
      many days of prayers.

    4. What a wonderful experience. I used to be a devout Catholic. but when the Holy Spirit drew me to Christ as I was about to get saved, the Lord told me specifically not to go back to the Catholic Church. At the time, I didn't know why He said that. But I later discovered that it is incompatible with the Bible and the teachings of Christ. Please see the following articles that explain that:
      I hope and pray that you will take the time to read these, and prayerfully consider them. Please do that!

  9. I believe. God you _r_ so wonderful. Experiencing ur Holy Spirit..i have no words..oh my God!!

    1. Yes, He truly IS wonderful...beyond description. Please subscribe and share. God bless you.

  10. I personally believe that holy spirit is in the human form since we are created in the form of God.Since I am not having a wing holy spirit also is not having a wing.The way he was descended was like a dove.not the form but the way.